Our Community

From the beginning it has been important to us at Shira Hadasha, to build a Kehilah (community) not merely a minyan. This is far from obvious in Israel where most people find their communities outside of the synagogue, which unlike in communities abroad, often serves simply as a place for prayer. As a prayer community both tfilah and kehilah are part of our essence. Indeed if people aren’t being cared for our tfilah cannot be whole or holy.

Over the years we created a number of important programs designed to create and nurture community. These range from Shabbat hosting, to community meals, social action outside the Kehilah, tours, greeters to welcome people as they enter the synagogue, support services for the sick and bereaved, new members events, community weekends away and more.

Creating Kehiltaiyut (sense of community) is an ongoing process that requires constant and consistent nurturing. Though every member has different reasons that brought him/her to our Kehilah, almost everyone lists kehilatiyut as one of the most important elements of Shira Hadasha for them. Kehilatiyut is about strengthening and supporting the individuals with whom we daven and through this the community as a whole is strengthened too.
If you would like to volunteer for any of the programs mentioned here or have an idea for a new event or activity please be in touch with the gabayim.